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Are you hiring personal private tour guides for your Mallorca  day tours, shore excursions, cultural visits and private tours ?              
We only operates in Malllorca directly to the best licensed professionals.You will get the best value here.

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

Mallorca Tour Guides S.L.

Choosing the right vacation is an important decision. Choosing the right Tour Guide is an even bigger decision. Don't leave your vacation to chance. Insist on the best... Best Value Travel.

Whether business or pleasure. Our years of experience in the industry will help you design the perfect traveling experience in Mallorca. From romantic getaways to large events, our experienced tour guides will handle all the details. Traveling does not need to be stressful. You can count on us for great value and dependable service.

Leave the planning to us!

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         of Mallorca 

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Please remember this: tour guides in Mallorca and Spain are considered professionals and must be licensed to perform their services.
Tour guides in Mallorca and other European countries earn their license via official exams given by the tourist authorities regions or provinces.
Tourism is the Mallorca´s and Spain's leading industries. To ensure high
standards and to protect you, the consumer, from wherever in the world you hail, Spanish legislation, both national and local, defines the tourism professions and requires that hotels, travel agencies, travel agency directors and individual operators, such as tour guides and tour escorts, possess a license.
On the job in Mallorca, tour guides always wear or carry their license with them, to be shown upon request to the authorities.
Licensed tour guides in Mallorca do not need to look over their shoulder to see whether the police are coming. Individuals performing tourist guide services in Mallorca without a license, in virtually whatever guise they assume, are breaking the law.



Guide diplômé de la ville de Palma

La compétence d’un guide diplômé permet aux visiteurs de connaître d’une manière authentique le patrimoine artistique et culturel du site où il exerce sa profession. Mon activité a toujours été adressée aux groupes d’adultes, aux groupes scolaires et aux visiteurs individuels, donc, je suis capable de satisfaire chaque demande.

Avec moi vous pouvez découvrir la ville de Palma lors des visites traditionnelles ou bien,

je pourrai vous conseiller pour l'organisation d’un itinéraire personnalisé qui vous féra apprécier les trésors connus ou moins connus de ma ville et de toute Majorque. 
Guide  MARIA J. BOSCH  , She Speaks  English, French, Italian and Spanish

N'hésitez pas à m'interroger, à demander mon tarif.  
Je serais heureuse de vous répondre et
de travailler avec vous... 

                            A bientôt ! 

 E-mail : MªJose Bosch, Guide diplôme

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We provide services for guided tours and cultural visits around the Island of Mallorca.To ensure high standards we don't use driver/guides.    Guides will not drive for your private group.
 Guides are different person than drivers on  our tours . You will have two persons at your service.

 Our professionals speak several  languages. We are a team of trained licensed tour guides of Mallorca. We have tailored different itineraries of guided tours and day excursions of Mallorca, for those groups and individuals travelers who want to discover this Island with a private guide.  Affordable opportunity to get out in small group tours or private excursions to ...
We are Official guides but above all we are very passionate about our job and we would like to share with you showing you around. Mallorca Day Trips, small-group and private shore excursions and tours from ...
 We also collaborate with travel agent groups and associations with their own visiting schedules. Our guided tours are tailor made private services and can be customized according to your own preferences, interests or requests.


Miguel Corral Having completed extensive academic and practical training, he is a fully qualified and registered tour guide specialises in small private sightseeing tours in Mallorca with a customized itinerary. Member of The Guild "Colegio Oficial de guias turisticos de las Islas Baleares" and   the Federation of European Guides. F.E.G.       His languages are: English, Spanish and Italian 

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Plan what to do in Majorca with an itinerary including Mallorca Tour Guides S.L


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Private tour for my family from a cruise

By: Miguel Corral Private Day Tours

From €580.00


Enjoy Palma city and  the panoramic costal  drive and  views of Serra de Tramuntana. mountains range , a  UNESCO World Heritage listed  as a cultural landscape . Optional visit  the inside of beautiful Palma Cathedral before you return to your cruise..


Enjoy Palma city and  the panoramic costal  drive and  views of Serra de Tramuntana. mountains range , a  UNESCO World Heritage listed  as a cultural landscape . Optional visit  the inside of beautiful Palma Cathedral before you return to your cruise..

What to Expect

This tour travels along the most beautiful coastline of Mallorca and drives the small charming villages of Deia, Soller valley and Port de Soller, which are tucked into the beautiful island landscape. 

After meeting your guide you immediately depart to La Foradada by  the village of Deia, which is a beautiful town on the Majorcan coast known as Costa Norte. On the drive, you'll pass the charming village of Valldemosa to stop at La Foradada and drive on a scenic road connecting Deia and Soller. This offers excellent views, between olive orchards and the sea  to gaze over the edge of the cliff, which is considered one of the most beautiful views of the Majorcan coastline. Next you will stop at the Port of Soller to see the natural port from playa dèn Repic.  After, in the way back,  we will drive to stop in  Palma historical city for an optional visit with your guide  inside of Palma Cathedral


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